Alternative Names: Lavender 'Vera',

Description: A bushy, evergreen shrub with grey-green foliage. In summer it bears long, slender spikes of fragrant, dark blue-purple flowers. leaves in the 'Dutch' group tend to be larger than most lavenders.

Characteristics: Ultimate height of 0.9m and ultimate width of 0.6m.

Position: Full sun.  East/South/West

Soil Moisture: Well-drained.

Soil Type: Chalk/Loam/Sand

Soil PH: Acid/Neutral/Alkaline.

Care Guide: Prune after flowering by removing the flowering stems just into current season's foliage (do not cut back into the brown hardwood).

Uses: Banks and Slopes/City/Coastal/Cottage/Informal/Drought Tolerant/Beds and borders/Containers/Wildlife

Lavandula x intermedia 'Vera'

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