Alternative Names: Butterfly bush 'Sugar Plum'/Buddleia 'Sugar Plum'/Buddlea 'Sugar Plum'/Buddleja 'Lonplum'

Description: An upright, bushy, deciduous shrub with lance-shaped, grey-green leaves and slender, fragrant, magenta flowers from midsummer to early autumn.

Characteristics: Ultimate height of 1.2m and ultimate width of 1.2m

Position: Full sun. East/South/West

Soil Moisture: Well-drained/Moist, but well-drained

Soil Type: Chalk/Clay/Loam/Sand

Soil PH: Acid/Alkaline/Neutral

Uses: Beds and borders/Bees/City/Containers/Cottage/Informal/Drought Tolerant/Low Maintenance/ Wildlife

* When you buy plants online, they may be at a different stage of growth to the image shown.  Please be reassured that the plants we send will be fully rooted and fully furnished ready for the next stage of growth.

Buddleja 'Sugar Plum'

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