Green Box Plants

We find plants exciting! 

We are continuously searching for old and new varieties to add to our collection and in-turn offer direct to you!  Too many choices can be confusing at times, so we’ve removed the jargon and created collections to suit a wide range of garden themes.

Green Box Plants is passionate about protecting the environment and we use natural and recyclable materials wherever possible.

Plants for a Cottage Garden

50 products

Plants for a City Garden

50 products

Plants for an Informal Garden

50 products

Plants for Beds and Borders

50 products

Plants for Containers and Patios

46 products

Wildlife Friendly Plants

25 products

Plants for a Rock Garden

14 products

Drought Tolerant Plants

27 products

Plants for Banks and Slopes

38 products

Plants for Flower Arranging

22 products

Plants for Ground Cover

12 products

Low Maintenance Plants

35 products

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